You’ve got to love a good pun

hands-woman-apple-desk-large‘Where are the Andes?’

‘On the end of your wrist-ees’

And so it began at the age of 5 or 6 with, in retrospect, a cringe-worthy joke, and my love of word play was born.

Shakespeare used ’em. Stand up comedians thrive on ’em. Businesses benefit from ’em. Never underestimate the power of manipulating the sounds and meanings of words to create memorable, emotive and entertaining copy that will ensure your brand remains in the cortex of customers long after they’ve ditched the newspaper or recycled the leaflet.

Avoiding eye rollingly cheesy puns, is important, but in the right place and at the right time they can add a sense of charm, creating an ‘in joke’ between you and your audience, and can help to establish your tone of voice as playful and lighthearted (if that’s the way you want to play it). Apple-Watch.png

Innocent are well known for their strong and consistent tone of voice, that reflects the true values and origin and their overall confident brand.

Witty, punchy and generally heart warming, the writers behind this popular range can get away with puns like ‘siriously’, because we know that they’re softly smiling with a knowing head shake too.

One of my favourite past times is mentally collecting the names on shopfronts across the North West, from the greasy spoon ‘Sparks Will Fry’ (I’m hoping the owner’s surname is Sparks to really make this work), to the sandwich shop ‘Buttylicious’, and the mythical tanning salon ‘Colour O’You’ in Liverpool.



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