How just one minute a day changed my outlook on my career.

Venturing into a new career field can be a daunting process, filled with uncertainty over whether you are doing the right thing and questioning your skills. Releasing your work into the big, wide world for all to see and scrutinise is plainly terrifying, especially for one who hasn’t been in ‘the game’ for very long.

So imagine finding a social media outlet that allows you to dip your toe into the water, allowing you to put your work out there

1st OMB submission - #lollyices
1st OMB submission – #lollyices

into the public domain, but without that fear.


That’s just what happened with One Minute Briefs. Set up by the Bank of Creativity, One Minute Briefs offers the chance to create an advertisement in just 60 secs. With newbie graduates and longstanding stalwarts taking part, contributions are wide ranging, from head-shakers to awe-inspiring genius, but the best part of it is, is that it only takes a minute to take part so it doesn’t really matter.

Each day on the @oneminutebriefs Twitter feed a ‘#’ concept is posted, and the ‘OMBLEs’ set to work scribbling, sketching and designing their ads in the hope of winning the kudos and respect of their peers and dignitaries, (or quite possibly just getting a few likes and retweets for their efforts.)

Starting with a quick screenshot of a hurriedly put together google image overlaid with a snapchat text bar, my advert for #LOLLYICES was my first foray into writing a quick strapline whilst pulling in some imagery. Done. It was out there. Quick, like removing a plaster. I didn’t get a call from Saatchi & Saatchi immediately, but I did get three ‘likes’, which was nice to know that someone had seen my scrabbled together idea and had kinda, sort of enjoyed it.

Soon I developed a problem. OMB addiction. Everyday checking the Twitter feed for the next project. ‘It’s only 60 seconds’ I would tell myself, but soon I was submitting two, three, sometimes four ideas a day. Searching for that ultimate high, the win!

I don't do sexy!!
I don’t do sexy!!

But how can you improve your skills when you work alone? When your working role is removed from a creative environment? That’s another unique thing that OMB offers, the experience and talent on display is a veritable smorgasbord (my goodness, I love that phrase) of technique, style and design to feast on and analyse, in order to learn. Pretty soon my strap lines became punchier, and less cheesy. And with the use of a few free design apps (FontCandy, Canva) my OMB attempts started to appear a little more polished.

Of course, on occasion I wander in to pun territory (I struggle to resist), I miss the mark and I can’t quite master the ‘sex sells’ approach – even my #WHIPS ad referenced Mary Berry, but I’m starting to recognise aspects of my own personal style. I do ‘feminine’, taking a female angle well. I do ‘mother’, often seeing things from the perspective of a child or weary/delighted parent. I also do ‘humour’, trying to find the lighter side of even some of the most serious topics.

Having this confidence in what I ‘do well’ helped lead to my first OMB virtual trophy, an ad for #QUADBIKES.

OMB #QUADBIKES - Free Facial
OMB #QUADBIKES – Free Facial

Taking a woman’s perspective, I aimed to find the humorous appeal in a typically male dominated activity. Probably the shortest amount of copy I’ve used, but the combination with the imagery proved a success. Aside from my London Marathon medals (and my kids), my OMB wins are some of my greatest achievements. It has marked an acceptance into the world of ‘writerdom’, and an approval from peers.


I’ve some way to go, but each day I learn something new. I get feedback from in-house and agency writers and designers. I get to witness that spark of creativity in others, admiring the pulsing synapses that are able to produce such clever, quick-witted and often beautiful creations. I experience amusement, shock and high emotion at the abstract and conceptual ideas, that utilise shape, graphics and copy to high effect.

Like a HIIT workout, One Minute Briefs encourages you to give your greatest effort over a short time, with maximum long term output, whether that’s a winning entry or immersion into a supportive and constructive community with little ego, and lots of encouragement.

One Minute Briefs helps me to push my creativity that bit further, keeping me on the ball, experimenting with ideas with little to no pressure. So, I’ll be hanging around that bit longer and maybe, just maybe, add to my trophy cabinet along the way.



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