Quality Vs Quantity: Getting the balance right between interesting content and SEO

You’re in a supermarket. Lazily leaning on your trolley through the fruit section. You need apples. And now you have an option; do you go for the smaller, tart, ‘ripen at home’ pack of twelve economy apples or do you choose four of the plump, juicy, sweet, rosy Pink Ladies?

Sometimes you’ll be tempted by the economy option, but in most instances the decision is likely to fall on the tastiest and most satisfying apple. hand-apple-iphone-smartphone-medium

And the same comes with content. Spend money boosting a poorly filmed video on Facebook, or purchasing content for £2.50 a blog (shudder!) from an exploitative content mill, and you’ll most likely end up throwing good money after bad. Yes,this content might have the initial desired effect, it’s responsive, there’s an increase in views, there’s a flurry of SEO, but in the long-term your customers will notice the absence of quality, they’re less like to share or remember your content, and it may in turn, be to the detriment of your business.

But spend time and little extra cost on quality content. Wait a little longer for a video, with an element of cinematography to it. Pay for a blog, written by an experienced copywriter, that reflects your company’s tone of voice and is free of grammatical incursions.  And you’ll find that your customers enjoy it. They’ll share it. They may even revisit your site or page, once or twice. They’ll associate your brand with quality. You’ll be interesting, entertaining. The absence of gimmicks and spelling errors, will pay dividends over time.

Effectively planning your on-line content and your digital marketing budget is an essential need. Avoid the false economy of a knee-jerk, off the cuff content ‘strategy’ and consider using professional services to ensure you deliver the quality your business and your customers deserve.


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