The value of a word: can you afford not to hire a good writer for your project?

You wouldn’t ask a plumber to fix a tap for free. You wouldn’t expect an accountant to do your tax-return without expecting an invoice for their efforts. But what about a writer? What about ‘just a few words on…’?

As a freelance writer, my source of income comes from words. Vocabulary is my currency. Experience is my ‘interest rate’.

I take time to carefully select the correct words. Precise. Accurate. Exact.

Crafting and building a tone of voice for a business takes hours; from listening to the business owner and identifying the target audience and testing drafts of work, to agonising over the perfect Tweet and creating engaging website content that will achieve your corporate marketing objectives.

A great deal of thought, insight and technique can go into ‘just a few words’.

hands-woman-apple-desk-medium.jpgMost people have a good level of English, and most people can put ideas to paper, and most people are happy with ‘good enough’. And if that’s the case, then a copywriter might not be for you. But if you want more than a document your mum said was ‘ok’ , then an experienced copywriter is worth investing in.

And it is an investment, on both sides, you put your trust in me to contribute to your brand and I put the effort in to produce copy and content that will get you sales, and hopefully keep you coming back to me for more.

I’ll need to talk to you, understand more of what you do, what you care about, what you want to achieve, how you want to sound, what elements you like, what elements you don’t, and gather all that up to give your business the voice it needs.

Research is nearly always required, even on the seemingly small projects. I need to find your angle, what makes you different from your competitors, so that I can shape that into a meaningful tag line or blog piece. If your product or service is more technical in nature, sometimes the time spent researching takes longer than the actual finished product.

There will be drafts and amendments, not because of error, but because getting that detail spot-on is very important to me. Proofreading and editing comes next; checking spelling, grammar and format and removing anything that doesn’t need to be there.

So, although we all use words day in, day out, being able to truly mean what you say and truly communicate your business message is worth its weight in gold. Please don’t be offended if I say ‘no’ to your request for a ‘freebie’, as you can see there’s a lot more goes into this writing malarkey than ‘just a few words’.


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