Why the ‘and sign’?

AMPERSAND WRITING SERVICES LOGOI regularly get asked, why the ‘and sign’? The ampersand? Why did I select this typographical feature as the symbol for my business?

The ampersand represents many things to me, and I thought I’d share a few reasons here.

(WARNING: Superficial reasons ahead. Not always deep and meaningful)

It’s pretty

I’ve always loved the ampersand. As a child it was a ‘grown-up’ way of saying ‘and’. I loved the swirls and loops, and still do, doodling the sweeping curls and flicks during my thinking time. At home, there are small ampersands dotted here and there as decoration. The ampersand is a source of inspiration for many designers, and it serves as an aesthetically pleasing talisman to remind me how far I’ve come in recent years.

A4D8BF94-2E1C-439F-82DB-2297A243339D.JPGIt’s symbolic

After my first Copywriters Unite event in London this year, with my confidence boosted, I consciously decided to ‘give it a go’ and finally step away from a ten year career in healthcare and commit to a future in copywriting. Before I headed home, I took a morning walk along the Thames to the Globe theatre, and it was here that a woman digging on the banks of the river caught my eye. On closer inspection, the shape she was digging was an ampersand. Coincidence or fate, I took this rather random occurrence as a sign, confirmation that I was doing the right thing.


It’s philosophical

The ampersand symbolises ‘something more’, to not settle for something sub-standard. At times when I’m unhappy or unsure, asking myself ‘and?’ prompts me to focus on solutions, driving myself to positive outcomes. I always try to provide that something extra in all areas of my life, to go beyond expectations and give a little more, just like an ampersand.

It connects my favourite things05_amp

My sources of inspiration are joined by an ampersand. My sons, George & Leo. Mum & Dad. I’m linked to my sister and my husband by this little squiggle.

Morecambe & Wise. Reeves & Mortimer. French & Saunders. The comedic pairings who have made me laugh over the years and fuelled my love of comedy and wordplay, united by an ‘and’.

So, there you go.  Well, you did ask…


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