Jargon: Keep it simple, stupid!

How many times have you visited a website, but haven’t been entirely sure what it is that the company actually do?

Words like innovation and synergy buzz around, but when you’re after (insert desired product or service here) it’s hard to be sure that that’s what you’ll actually be getting with all that jargon lying around.

Simplicity is often underrated, with a preference for flowery language intended to impress and inspire frequently found on business websites. But displaying your extensive vocabulary on a website can only bemuse and befuddle even the most determined of customers.

In a world where we have technological advances that make nearly every aspect of our everyday function easier, why do we then proceed to clutter that technology with barrier-forming words?

Instead of solutions, say products. Instead of leverage, try influence.

Customers want honesty and accessibility, so don’t over-complicate things unnecessarily. A website packed with verbose statements, like the snake oil sellers of old is likely to make them suspicious, leaving them wondering ‘what are they trying to hide?’. They can see through the smokescreen, so give them the credit they deserve.

Give them a helping hand to understand your business; it’s easy to forget that the industry language you use day in, day out with your colleagues may sound like a foreign language to a new customer.

As a starting point, imagine that you’re talking to your neighbour (not Frank, he doesn’t bring his bins in) how would you let them know what you get up to when you leave for work every day?

You wouldn’t use words like…

Our experts are your focused resource for solution design, implementation and ongoing support across a broad range of key business-enabling technologies’ 

…because Janet would roll her eyes and continue pegging out the washing, mumbling something under her breath. So, you might say…

 ‘We provide computer software to help you run your business more effectively and efficiently. Not only that, our expert customer service team will provide long-term specialist support once it’s installed.’ 

…and Janet would understand and nod, and then continue pegging out the washing.

So, if you need some help simplifying your website, whether you want to refresh, revitalise or just plainly be ruthless with it, get in touch to see how I can be of assistance.


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