The Company: A brand new gift search site and app, that enables users to generate a shortlist of unique and quirky presents sorted by age group, finding the best price and directing to the relevant gift site.

The Brief: To create punchy product descriptions, with a cheeky and humorous tone of voice.

screenshot-2016-12-12-18-48-46       screenshot-2016-12-12-18-55-09


screenshot-2016-12-12-18-59-24    screenshot-2016-12-12-20-23-14

screenshot-2016-12-12-20-24-49   screenshot-2016-12-12-20-26-51

screenshot-2016-12-12-20-27-57  screenshot-2016-12-12-20-30-30

screenshot-2016-12-12-20-31-44           screenshot-2016-12-12-20-32-45

screenshot-2016-12-12-20-33-53    screenshot-2016-12-12-20-35-05

screenshot-2016-12-12-20-38-24  screenshot-2016-12-12-20-40-15

screenshot-2016-12-12-20-41-15  screenshot-2016-12-12-20-42-17

screenshot-2016-12-12-20-44-16  screenshot-2016-12-12-20-46-43



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