Women’s Running

Client: Contest Sports Network

Project: Women’s Running Race Series



The Women’s Running race series returns for 2017 with a new location and a

new one mile event, offering male participants and children the opportunity to

take part, for the first time, in this year’s racing season.

The popular race series continues to grow from strength to strength, with 2017

seeing the addition of Maidstone as a brand-new race location, and a one mile

event at every site.

Thousands of women of all abilities have taken part in Women’s Running 10k

and 5k running events all over the UK since 2012, and the race series now boasts

twelve locations across England, Scotland, and Wales, with the number of

entrants set to increase again.

For the first time in five years, those cheering from the side-lines, will now have

the chance to take part in the inaugural one mile events.

Race Director, Rob Griffiths of Contest Running Co, said, ‘It’s been great to

witness the success of the Women’s Running race series over the past five years,

and I’m delighted to be adding the mile event into the mix. Every year families

come to support mums, daughters, sisters, wives, and grandmothers, so it’s nice

to be able to invite them to join in with the fun. For a lot of women, running a 5k

or 10k distance marks a milestone in their physical fitness, and for them to share

that sense of achievement with their family too, makes the event even more


The event should prove to be a fun day out for the whole family, with medals

and treats for finishers who cover the mile distance.

Female participants who complete the 5k and 10K race options will also leave

with a commemorative medal, Women’s Running t-shirt, and a Women’s

Running goody bag.

For up to date information about each event please visit

http://womensrunninguk.co.uk/raceseries/, to find out more about pricing and

registration options.


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